Stolen Computer at UCR Triggers Potential Breach of Personal Information of 8,000

UC Riverside issues a warning to graduate students about the potential for identity theft

RIVERSIDE, Calif. ( — A computer stolen during a recent break-in at UC Riverside contained social security number information for almost 8,000 graduate student applicants, admitted graduate students, and other related individuals.

Although there is no current evidence that the information contained on the computer has been used for identity theft, in accordance with California law, UC Riverside is now informing the individuals whose information could have been compromised.

“We sincerely regret that the theft of a computer led to the potential disclosure of personal information at UC Riverside,” said UCR Graduate Division Dean Joseph Childers. “We have taken steps to individually notify each person whose information could have been compromised. In addition, we have set up a toll-free call number to provide information to these persons.”

According to UCR policy, all sensitive data on individuals contained on campus computers must be protected, but the device in question had not been encrypted.

The incident began on the morning of Friday, March 13, when a window was discovered broken and a computer was missing from the University Office Building, which houses the UCR Graduate Division offices.

A police report was filed, and UCR Police are looking into the incident.  Anyone with information about the theft is asked to contact UCRPD at 951-827-5222.

Those wishing to make an anonymous tip may use this link:

Individuals who have been informed via United States mail that their data may have been compromised may also contact the UCR department of Risk Management (contact information below).

Individuals who have been contacted via US mail should note that the University will not contact them again to confirm any personal information; therefore, if asked, respondents should not give out any additional information.

UCR Risk Management Contact Information

Telephone: 866-827-4844.



Media Contact

Tel: (951) 827-4756

Additional Contacts

UCR Risk Management
Tel: 866-827-4844

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