A Celebration for a Mission Well Accomplished

UC Riverside faculty and staff wellness program challenged employees to “get healthy”

More than 400 UCR employees participated in Mission:Possible 2.

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (www.ucr.edu) – They were given one mission, and one mission only – adopt healthy behaviors and lifestyles. And more than 400 UC Riverside employees accepted the challenge. Sponsored by the UCR Faculty/Staff Wellness Program, “Mission: Possible 2,” was a 10-week wellness challenge geared toward changing unhealthy lifestyle habits.

Lydia Sianez and Leticia Toral named their team, "Hungry, Hungry Hippos."

Lydia Sianez and Leticia Toral named their team, “Hungry, Hungry Hippos.”

“I was in need of new, healthy habits,” said Lydia Sianez, who works at the campus health department. “It brings you back to what you’re supposed to be doing.”

Every UCR employee was invited to participate in the challenge, and were asked to form teams of four to complete weekly missions. During the 10 week program, participants were assigned to track one healthy habit, given to them by Mission Command (Wellness Program Coordinator, Julie Chobdee; Ergonomics Specialist, Yvonne Ybarra; and Wellness interns Dana Fox and Kellie Yamahata) and report on their progress. The challenges focused on daily healthy habits such as nutrition, activity, and stress management. Their missions ranged from eating 20 healthy breakfasts among the four of them for a week, to practicing 30 minutes of media detox a day for a week.

“That was the hardest part for me,” said Leticia Toral. “No phone, television, computers, no checking my e-mail – nothing. It certainly wasn’t easy!”

Participants at the Mission: Possible 2 Celebration.

57% of the teams met all the challenges they were given, and 92% met at least half of the challenges. “Those are some great stats,” said Wellness Program Coordinator, Julie Chobdee. “I’m proud of everyone who decided to participate, and I hope they continue to maintain these lifestyle changes.”

On Thursday, more than 200 of those who participated in the challenge, gathered for a celebration. Everyone was recognized for their hard work – prizes and awards were handed out.

For more information on the Wellness Program at UCR, visit: https://wellness.ucr.edu/

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