Fourth Organizational Excellence Speaker Takes the Stage on May 11

Mara Fellouris of UCSF will talk about heading her campus’ Program Management Office

On April 14, Omar Reid of the city of Houston presented the third session of UCR’s Organizational Excellence Speaker Series. photo by Eric Yang

Mara Fellouris, executive director of the UC San Francisco Program Management Office, will present the fourth session of UCR’s Organizational Excellence Speaker Series at 1:30 p.m. on Monday, May 11, at the Highlander Union Building Room 302.

Fellouris, whose experience in UCSF involves implementing administrative systems, improving the process of operations, and strategic and organizational change, among others, will talk about leading her campus’ Program Management Office.

This is the fourth in a series of five presentations hosted by Ron T. Coley, vice chancellor of business and administrative services, and Maria Anguiano, vice chancellor of planning and budget. The goal is to bring to UCR a view into the different ways other organizations are improving their operations and procedures.

On April 14, Omar Reid of the city of Houston presented the third session of the series. Chancellor Kim A. Wilcox introduced Reid to the group and named the various ways Reid improved the services provided to the city of Houston’s workforce.

Reid began his presentation with a quote from Nelson Mandela: “Impossible is only impossible until it is done.” Reid applied it to how he created changes within the human resources department of the City of Houston. He made sure that the department was a facilitator [of employee needs] and a strategic partner [for departments in the city]. He also made sure the department became more collaborative and participatory.

Reid also emphasized the difference between management and leadership. “Leadership is personal, not positional,” he said. “No matter what position you occupy on the organizational chart, if no one is following you, are you really a leader? Probably not. … We need to focus on leadership and not on management, because management is a completely different ball game.”

The presentation concluded with an interactive workshop that gathered the attendees’ ideas for thinking up innovation within their departments.

It was this kind of thinking that Wilcox emphasized when he thanked the attendees for coming. “We are collectively sincere in trying to think of a new future for UCR. And the only important word in that phrase in some ways is the ‘we.’ That’s all of us. The more people, the more heads, and the more passion we have in that reconsideration, the better off we’re all going to be.”

On May 26, in HUB 302, Anguiano and Coley will hold a campus conversation with the UCR community. The event will help process what attendees have learned and the path forward, and consider how UCR will tackle organizational excellence on campus. Prior attendance of previous workshops is not a requirement to  participate in the May 26 meeting; everyone is welcome to attend..

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