'Jaws’ did not instill a healthy understanding of the danger of shark attacks in general; ‘Speed’ is not a good indicator for travel by urban bus. ... Anything that causes greater awareness of earthquake danger in California is helpful, but I do worry that movies like this may have the opposite effect – people may see it and panic and not take steps, or see it as baloney and also not take measures.

David Oglesby, professor of earth sciences, assessing the scientific accuracy of the movie 'San Andreas'


(Babies born to obese mothers) may not be able to respond to vaccinations as well as children born to lean mothers, and they might be at a higher risk of getting sick in their first few years of life.

Ilhem Messaoudi, associate professor of biomedical sciences, on her research finding that obese mothers have babies with weakened immune systems


(The Mao language is) much more freighted with military metaphors and political biases than most. ... (For example), at the ends of banquets, even today, mainland Chinese sometimes urge their friends to xiaomie (annihilate) the leftovers.

Perry Link, distinguished professor of comparative literature and foreign language, on the ways Communism has changed and influenced the Chinese language


(Lake) Arrowhead is an absolute disaster waiting to happen. ... There is a huge area in the eastern San Bernardino Mountains that hasn’t burned since the 19th century. This place is going to blow up.

Richard Minnich, professor of earth sciences, on the likelihood of a catastrophic fire in the Inland Empire mountains, where drought-affected forests could make fires worse


At UC Riverside, we are removing water-intensive plantings and considering long-term ways to implement turf grass reduction. The campus is also switching its famed Botanical Gardens from potable water to nonpotable water for irrigation, with an estimated annual savings of 22 million gallons.

John Cook, director of sustainability, on how UCR serves as a model of water conservation for California cities


These results suggest that IBR water budgets are potentially a highly effective conservation tool, although a substantial amount of time is required for demand reductions to be realized.

Kenneth Baerenklau, associate professor of environmental economics and policy, on his research on how Californians can conserve water during the state's historic drought


Their criticism of the course is typical, both in its stridency and in its ignorance. They assume, simply because the leader of the course is president of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), that it will be 'propaganda.' But the syllabus contains a broad range of views, Palestinian, Jewish, Jewish Israeli and Palestinian Israeli.

David Lloyd, distinguished professor of English, on the criticism of the single-unit course, “Palestinian Voices,” taught by an undergraduate student Tina Matar


We were excited by the pattern recognition. The device works not only as a memory but also a logic element.

Alex Khitun, associate research engineer, on his work with an international team to develop a new memory device that can greatly improve speech and image recognition


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