Gift Made to UC Riverside’s Anthropology Department

Librarian Steve Mandeville Gamble makes $30,000 pledge to Department of Anthropology

UCR Librarian Steven Mandeville-Gamble made a $30,000 pledge to the anthropology department.

RIVERSIDE, Calif. ( – He’s the UC Riverside Librarian who has a personal tie to and love for anthropology, and that’s why Steven Mandeville-Gamble has made a $30,000 pledge to the department.

Mandeville-Gamble has a bachelor’s in cultural anthropology and a master’s in sociolinguistic anthropology. As an undergraduate student, the opportunity to conduct original research resulting in an honor’s thesis spurred him to go to graduate school, and now he hopes his pledge will do the same for current UCR anthropology students.

“One of the primary reasons that I decided to set up this endowment for this award is that having the opportunity as an undergraduate to do original field research in anthropology was really critical to my intellectual and later professional development,” he said. “I wanted to do whatever I could, no matter how small, to help provide other students with the same type of opportunity that I had 30 years ago.”

Of the gift, $5,000 is considered “current-use,” meaning the department can start making awards to provide support for one student per year to do original research starting in Summer 2016. The other $25,000 of the pledge will build towards an endowment over the next five years.

Sang-Hee Lee, the Department Chair of Anthropology said they are all thrilled and honored by this opportunity. “We have a large body of extremely bright, driven, and imaginative anthropology students,” she explained. “Many of whom are first-generation college students, coming from immigrant families, and dealing with financial constraints, so pledges like the Steven Mandeville-Gamble Award provide a relief in the most critically needed area and have the potential to change our students’ lives in most profound ways.”

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