BCOE Paper Most Assesed in the Applied Physical Letters Journal

The American Institute of Physics (AIP) recently announced that a paper co-authored by two Bourns College of Engineering graduate students was the most assessed paper in the Applied Physical Letters journal from January to March 2015.

Rameez Samnakay, a materals science and engineering student, and Chenglong Jiang, an electrical and computer engineering student, has the paper, “Selective chemical vapor sensing with few-layer MoS2 thin-film transistors: Comparison with graphene devices” published in January 2015. Samnakay and Jiang – the first authors of the paper – are Ph.D. candidates in Professor Alexander Balandin’s Nano-Device Laboratory (NDL) and Phonon Optimized Engineered Materials (POEM) Center.

The paper deals with nano-fabrication of transistors with two-dimensional materials and testing their gas and chemical vapor sensing capabilities. Applied Physics Letters is the premier journal in the field of applied physics and engineering.

Susan Ossman’s ‘Moving Matters Traveling Workshop’ Goes to Romania

Anthropology professor Susan Ossman’s Moving Matters Traveling Workshop reunites an evolving collective of serial migrant artists in an exhibition in Bucharest, Romania, July 13-18.

The Moving Matters Traveling Workshop, which Ossman launched at UCR in 2013, continues the research addressed in her book, “Moving Matters: Paths of Serial Migration” (Stanford, 2013). The book follows people who lived in several countries to propose a new way of thinking about the relationship of mobility to identity and politics.

“Serial migrants have much in common, regardless of their birthplace, language, religion or cultural background,” Ossman explained. “This is not because they are cosmopolitans, freed from the gravity of taken for granted social ties, or nomads who are oblivious to borders. Rather, they have all been immigrants several times. Those who repeat immigration struggle with the accumulation of ways of being themselves in each new home. By listening to their stories we come up against the limits of hyphenated identities and conceptions of modern subjects as collections or assemblages.”

The first workshop on “The Art of Migration” was held at the Culver Center for the Arts in May 2013, then traveled to the Pavillon Vendome in Clichy, France in November 2013 and the Allard Pierson Museum of Mediterranean Antiquities in Amsterdam in June 2014.

The exhibition and performance at Bucharest’s TIPOGRAPHIA Gallery, “My Memory/Your History,” features the works of artists that explore the meeting or disjunction of individual memory and collective history from the perspective of serial migrants.

Ossman also is organizing conference, “Moving Matters: Serial Migrants’ Art and Identity,” through the Center for Ideas and Society in March 2016.

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