In the long run, when are we going to declare suppression a failure? What is it going to take?

Richard Minnich, professor of earth sciences, on how California firefighters are extinguishing fires too quickly and how this suppression has led to an environment more conducive to destructive fires


(Legionnaire’s disease) is a true bacterial pneumonia. That’s why it is severe, but at the same time it doesn’t make everyone ill, and it doesn’t kill everybody.

Hassan Bencheqroun, assistant clinical professor, on the recent outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease in New York, which has killed two and sickened dozens more


For a relatively large plant, Joshua trees have a fairly fragile root system. The big, established trees can survive multiple years of drought or heat, but it's the little guys — the seedlings — who can't handle this kind of temperature or amount of rainfall. This is the future we're looking at.

Cameron Barrows, research ecologist, about the threat that California’s historic drought poses to Joshua trees


If kids exercise regularly through the school years then they may be more likely to exercise as adults, which could have far-reaching positive effects on human health and well being.

Theodore Garland, professor of biology, on his research that found that exercise at an early age can help people lose weight later in life and positively impact their willingness to exercise in adulthood


Fleas are usually attracted to movement, not color, so wearing dark clothing doesn’t fool them. It just makes them harder to see.

Michael Rust, distinguished professor of entomology, on ways to control and eliminate fleas during flea season, which starts before summer and lasts through to winter


A lot of people, when they are dealing with ants and trails getting into their kitchens, they don’t realize they are social animals. They have a very strong ability to exchange information between individuals in the colony. They can recruit their nest mates in a matter of a few minutes. They can even warn their nest mates about potential danger.

Dong-Hwan Choe, assistant professor of entomology, on Marvel’s newest film, “Ant-Man,” and how the film promotes a better awareness and appreciation for ants


The overall conclusion drawn from (the Stanford Prison Experiment) was that basically anybody would turn into an abusive guard or anybody would turn into a meek and distraught prisoner if the situation was so arranged to make that happen. ... On the other hand, I think it also got exaggerated a little too strongly ... because there were individual differences among the behavior in both the guards and the prisoners.

David Funder, professor of psychology, about 'The Stanford Prison Experiment,' a film based on the experiment run by psychologist Philip Zimbardo in 1971


Chinese netizens are still speaking in a heavily monitored environment, and so their demands for greater freedom of information and expression often find voice through coded language and metaphors that allow them to avoid outright censorship.

Perry Link, distinguished professor of comparative literature and foreign language, from his and Xiao Qiang's book, 'Decoding the Chinese Internet: A Glossary of Political Slang,' which talks about how linguistic innovations in China have helped Chinese citizens discuss taboo subjects online despite government surveillance and censorship


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