Excellence, Success Begins with a Dream – Summer 2015

Kendrick Davis, Ph.D., the UCR School of Medicine’s director of medical education, research and evaluation, was invited by UCR’s African Student Programs to deliver the keynote address at this year’s Black Graduation Ceremony. In his address, Davis emphasized to new graduates that “to be rooted in excellence, you must make a commitment to be a dreamer.”

Kendrick Davis speaks to the audience at Black Graduation in June 2015.

Kendrick Davis speaks to the audience at Black Graduation in June 2015.

Davis urged the new scholars in the audience to seek mentors who are already living their dreams—individuals who can provide guidance and support and a constant reminder of the possibilities. Davis also urged graduates to build a support system of peers who are striving toward their dreams, as the contagious passion and energy of others can help the most discouraging setbacks become meaningful turning points along the way. Finally, Davis reminded graduates to give back, throughout every stage of their respective journeys, by mentoring, guiding and supporting the next generations of dreamers.

UCR’s African Student Programs has maintained the tradition of holding the Black Graduation Ceremony during commencement week since 1999 and the group has been a dynamic part of UCR campus life for more than 40 years. With more than 1,000 members, African Student Programs is credited with providing a robust network of support and engagement opportunities to its members and has been recognized for having the highest graduation rate of any other student group on campus.

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