Music Professor Wins Commission from Brigham Young University

Ian Dicke awarded the Barlow Endowment for General Composer Commission

Ian Dicke

RIVERSIDE, Calif. ( – Ian Dicke, assistant professor in the Department of Music at the University of California, Riverside, was awarded the Barlow Endowment for General Composer Commission from Brigham Young University.

The Barlow Endowment is a yearly competition where the proceeds of the endowment support four programs: The Barlow Prize, General Commissions, LDS Composer Commissions, and Education Grants. Dicke, along with five other composers, was awarded a General Composer Commission out of a pool of 150 applicants. The award is available to composers or performing groups who seek collaboration for significant new musical works.

“In the field of music composition, the Barlow Endowment is one of the top honors. Past receipients of this award have contributed significantly to the repertoire, and I am humbled to be one among them,” said Dicke.

With the award, Dicke said he has plans to write a new work for PAUSE, a chamber group made up of musicians from Alarm Will Sound,. a group he called the most significant contemporary chamber orchestra in the United States. Tentatively titled “Latest and Greatest,” the work is scored for flute, violin, trombone, vibraphone, piano, and video media.

Dicke said his piece is inspired by a Sioux Native American proverb: “This is the fire that will help the generations to come, if they use it in a sacred manner. But if they do not use it well, the fire will have the power to do them great harm.” He explained that for him, the “fire” metaphorically describes humanity’s profound relationship with technology and its consequences, such as the meaninglessness of the “got to have” hardware and software updates for the sake of boosting market share.

There will be a public preview of his first draft at the Outpost Concert Series on Wednesday, Dec. 2. The premiere of the final piece has yet to be scheduled, but it will take place sometime in the first half of 2016.

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