Hard Work Behind the Scenes Means Easy Access to WiFi for the Residence Halls

70,000 feet of new cabling and 27,000 connections later, students in the residential halls now have WiFi access for their mobile devices

UCR Students now have speedy wireless coverage in the residence halls.

Students can feel at home with their mobile devices in the UC Riverside residence halls because they now have speedy wireless coverage.

“This was a huge effort,” said Susan Marshburn, UC Riverside’s executive director of housing services. “For example, it required 70,000 feet of new cabling and supports 27,000 connections and it was completed on-time and ready for move-in day.”

Despite all the work, these are new students to the halls, Marshburn said, so they are mostly just taking omnipresent wifi for granted. “They would definitely notice if we had not done it,” she said. “They just expect us to have wireless, and now we do.”

UC Riverside was one of the first UC campuses to provide wired network connections to each bed in the residence halls. Wireless went into the public spaces, but over the years, wireless coverage has become the state of the art.

Marshburn said her team in Housing, Dining and Residential Services worked closely with Computing and Communications to make sure that wireless access was available throughout the residence halls, enough for 27,000 simultaneous connections.

“We had to go through walls, clear cable pathways, drop lights and put in 500 new network parts,” Marshburn said. She estimated it took 3,500 hours to complete the project.

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