Expert Available to Discuss Race Relations on U.S. College Campuses

Inclusive policies needed to reshape current climate and culture

Eddie Comeaux

Eddie Comeaux

RIVERSIDE, Calif. ( — As the University of Missouri continues to confront serious issues surrounding racial inequalities on campus, questions of diversity, race relations and social activism are being raised at universities across the United States.

Eddie Comeaux, associate professor of higher education at the University of California, Riverside, is available to speak with the media about racial equality issues on U.S. campuses, current best practices, and the college student experience, with special attention on athletes and underrepresented students.

Comeaux said: “The campus racial climate at the University of Missouri is not a new phenomenon, as numerous incidents of racial hate and bias happen across many colleges and universities way too often. Rather than thinking the solution to the problem is simply pressuring the president to resign and offering professional development trainings and workshops that include sessions on specific cultural groups, there is a glaring need as well for institutions to seriously listen to the voices of students of color and then think about creative ways to enact inclusive policies that reshape the current climate and culture and that ultimately enhance the quality of their campus experience. Similar commitments to support faculty and staff of color are needed as well.”

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