The Top: Five UCR Videos of 2015

Did you know that UCR has a YouTube channel? Here's some of the most popular videos of 2015!

Christy Zwicke, right, and Christina Rodriguez are the backbone of UCR’s videomaking crew.

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Each issue, we present a list of UCR staff and faculty favorites — from walking spots to gardens to events.

This week, we list some of the most watched videos of 2015 from UCR’s official YouTube channel. From videos that give you a bird’s eye view of the campus to an upbeat feature about Zumba, UCR’s YouTube channel is filled with informative and fun clips for you to discover. So don’t forget to subscribe to continually be in the loop of UCR happenings.

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1. A Bathing Suit that Cleans the Ocean

With more than 70,000 hits, this video about UCR scientists’ discovery of a sponge material that repels water while absorbing pollutants ranks as the most watched UCR video of 2015. Read more about this remarkable bathing suit here.

2. UCR From the Air Part I

More than 55,000 people have taken a tour of UCR’s beautiful campus through the lens of a remote-control octocopter. This video presents a vantage point of UCR never seen before. Check out part II here.

3. How Toxic are 3D printed Objects?

How toxic are they? With 9,000 views, this video shows how UCR researchers discovered that zebrafish embryos die at alarming rates when exposed to certain 3D printed materials. Learn more about this research here.

4. How Fun is your Fitness?

Through this video, about 6,700 viewers now understand UCR researchers’ findings on how women feel more comfortable and confident participating in Zumba compared to other forms of fitness. Read more on this research here.

5. 2015 Commencement Congratulations

Last but not least, coming in with 5,000 views, this heart-tugging video showcases the class of 2015 as they reflect on their experiences at UCR.

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