Tobacco-Free, Miss Sue-I-Chew,
Means No Nicotine at R-side U!

A short refresher about UCR's tobacco-free policy (with apologies to Dr. Seuss)

“Toasted” tobacco is also forbidden on UCR properties, per the 2014 tobacco-free policy. Lucky Strikes cigarette ad, circa 1933, is from “Needlework The Home Arts” magazine

Jan. 2 marked the two-year anniversary of UC Riverside becoming a tobacco-free campus, a policy that applies to all of UCR’s properties, both on and off the main campus.

About a year after the policy went into effect, nearly 2,000 Highlanders responded to a survey about the rules. The vast majority (82 percent)  think the policy has made UCR a healthier place — and even helped some people quit — but with the growing interest in e-cigarettes and the vast expanse of relatively isolated locales on UCR’s grounds, there’s been some confusion about what the policy allows.

Hence we offer the following refresher to the mythical Sue-I-Chew, with deepest apologies to Theodor Geisel (aka Dr. Seuss): 

  1. Tobacco-free, Miss Sue-I-Chew,
  2. Means NO nicotine at R-side U.
  3. Not cigs nor snuff nor e-cig goo
  4. Has been allowed for years times two.
  5. If you’re on campus, don’t you see,
  6. You can’t smoke ANYPLACE you be.
  7. For all those fumes can waft, my dear,
  8. Offending nostrils far and near.
  9. We don’t want butts up on a hill
  10. Or squashed outside on window sills.
  11. You cannot puff locked in your car.
  12. You cannot snuff it from a jar.
  13. You cannot, must not in the loo.
  14. You cannot vape or smoke or chew.
  15. Cigars and pipes? Hey, listen Sue,
  16. You know by now those just won’t do.
  17. And please inform the hookah crowd
  18. That hubbly bubbly is not allowed.
  19. Tobacco-free at R-side U
  20. Means NO nicotine Sue-I-Chew

If you want more information about UCR’s tobacco-free policy, visit its extensive and user-friendly Tobacco Free website, where you’ll also find lots of information about how to quit the nicotine habit, or help others quit.

And if you’re curious about recent e-cigarette research, check out UCR Cell Biology Professor Prue Talbot’s findings, debunking seven myths about the “safety” of e-cigarettes at UCR Magazine’s Fall 2015 online issue.

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