(Donald Trump) appeals to people’s basic sense of ‘you know something’s wrong and someone needs to do something dramatic to fix it.'

Karthick Ramakrishnan, professor of political science and public policy, on Donald Trump's rise in the 2016 presidential race


There are still a lot of people who think blacks are simply inferior to whites. It is definitely there, and I don’t think it ever went away.

Roger Ransom, distinguished professor emeritus of history , on research that found that those with more negative views about African-Americans are more likely to vote Republican


We are exporting water in the middle of the drought at shockingly low prices. ... This is a travesty. There’s no other word for it. This is a complete and utter travesty.

Chris Thornburg, director of UCR’s Center for Economic Forecasting and Development, on Almarai, the largest dairy business in Saudi Arabia, and its land purchase in drought-stricken California to grow alfalfa for its cattle


(Dolores Huerta) stood up to the powerful forces when no one could really do so. She has courage, compassion and perseverance. She is a real fighter for the rights of human beings.

Juan Felipe Herrera, professor emeritus of creative writing, on Dolores Huerta, a civil rights leader and United Farm Workers co-founder


The environmental impact of prescribed burns has historically been based on data from clean fuels in areas of good air quality, so we have likely been under-predicting the impact of biomass emissions in polluted areas.

Akua Asa-Awuku, associate professor of chemical and environmental engineering, on her research that shows how forests subject to air pollution may be more toxic than in areas of good air quality


From an ethical standpoint, I think having a woman could only benefit (FIFA). Of course, at this point, it seems that any change could only benefit.

Michael Haselhuhn, assistant professor of management, on the benefits of having a female president for FIFA, the governing body of association football


You could make a model do anything if you put in the right assumptions, but this one works without too much fine tuning.

David Oglesby, professor geophysics, on a computer model of the San Andreas fault and the adjacent San Jacinto fault that was created by Julian Lozos from California State University, Northridge


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