UCR Employees Take on “Mission Possible” for Wellness

The Mission Possible 3 team includes Mission Commanders: Ping Wu, WorkStrong Coordinator, Josalin Villalobos, Wellness intern, Julie Chobdee, Wellness Program Coordinator, and Vanessa Rangel, Wellness intern.

UCR’s staff/faculty wellness program recruited 112 teams (448 employees) to live more healthfully from Jan. 21 to March 17. Most of the teams chose to accept and complete the challenge.

The Mission: Possible 3 challenges were transmitted by email and pre-recorded videos from “Mission Command,” including instructions from guest agents Ron Coley, Jadie Lee, Andy Plumley, Ping Wu, Diane Del Buono, Arvin Varma, and Julie Chobdee.

The instruction from a sunglass-clad Vice Chancellor Ron Coley goes like this: “This week your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to track consumption of sugar sweetened beverages. This includes soda, diet soda, energy drinks, iced mocha, sports drinks, you get the idea. So what can you drink? How about good old fashioned water? You can spice up your drink with fruit, cucumbers or a squeeze of lime. To successfully complete your mission, your team must drink no more than nine sugar sweetened beverages all day long, which adds up to about two per week per person. What does it take to self destruct this message?

Other challenges were:

  • Be physically active
  • Perform at least 8 “Random Acts of Kindness”
  • Eat fruits and vegetables
  • Conduct or participate in walking/standing meetings
  • Avoid social media

Click here for a playlist on YouTube featuring all videos created for the Mission: Possible 3 program.

“We had a staggeringly high success rate, with about 89 percent of our participants completing the tasks,” said Julie Chobdee. “We credit the high completion rate of this program to the social support provided by participating as part of a team instead of participating individually,” she said.

There is an online tracking tool to make things easier for the participants, and some participants have asked for a phone app so they can take it on the go. Chobdee said that it was fun to have some of the leaders of campus participate. The LEAN team, made up of Vice Chancellor Ron Coley, Provost Paul D’Anieri, Vice Chancellor Maria Anguiano and Chancellor Kim Wilcox, competed 100 percent of their missions, Chobdee confirmed.

UCR employees have given Chobdee positive feedback about the way wellness improves their attention and performance.

“You are doing an amazing job,” wrote Estella Dávalos, administrative officer for several academic departments, plus the Natural Reserve system. In her busy office they fielded two teams. “Mission Possible 3 helped us connect on a regular basis to remind us how important wellness is,” Dávalos said. “If we take time to take care of ourselves and stay healthy then our work performance excels.”

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