Even though we have a finite number of species that we're trying to protect (in the Coachella Valley), we're really trying to protect the entire ecosystem. ... We don't want to be able to say in 75 years, you know, we forgot about that mouse, and it went extinct. Oh, well.

Cameron Barrows, research ecologist, on conservation plans in the Coachella Valley — home to 27 endangered and threatened species


The benefits that we find from napping include: alertness; motor memory, which is your ability to play piano or play baseball; and also declarative memory, which is the ability to remember things like my phone number or my name.

Sara Mednick, assistant professor of psychology, on the benefits of napping


To just think about the word 'Trump' as simply showing or expressing support of Trump is not exactly the entire story here. ... It's borderline silly to think there's not more meaning attached to chanting (the name of a candidate that) plays on THE fears of some of the most vulnerable, the most informed and misguided.

Eddie Comeaux, associate professor of higher education, on a high school trend that uses Donald Trump's name as a taunt to insult groups of students


Because underrepresented minorities are a large part of our society, if too many are left behind, in terms of graduating, doing well beyond college, America itself will not be able to do all that it can on the world stage.

William Kidder, assistant executive vice chancellor, on the mismatch debate — a dispute over whether attending a good college helps or hurts the average student


The only political avenue that we had available to us was to take to the politics of the street. We had to show our power, our capability manifested by our numbers.

Armando Navarro, professor of ethnic studies, on his experience as a participant in the pro-immigrant rights marches in 2006


At some point in time,we have to face the fact that the state cannot continue to prosper under the current circumstances (of the Saudi land purchases in California).

Chris Thornburg, director of UCR’s Center for Economic Forecasting and Development, on Almarai, the largest dairy business in Saudi Arabia, and its land purchase in drought-stricken California to grow alfalfa for its cattle


So an individual ant is not overly intelligent. It's able to follow signals from, you know, chemical communication signals from other ants. But by working together and through differentiation and specialization on different tasks, they can achieve these pretty marvelous social outcomes.

Jessica Purcell, assistant professor of entomology, on her research with Formica selysi, a species of ant that join their bodies together to form floating rafts, protecting themselves from floods


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