The Top: Seven of UCR’s Best ‘Star Wars’ Moments

"A long time ago in a university far, far away...."

From videos to published articles, the UCR campus can’t get enough of Star Wars! Photo Source: Andrew Forgrave (Flickr)

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Each issue, we present a list of UCR staff and faculty favorites — from walking spots to gardens to events.

This week, in honor of “Star Wars” Day, we are featuring the ways that the UCR campus expresses their love for the saga. Check out the creative video parodies, “Star Wars” campus apparel and more below!

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1. UCR Student Recreation Center’s “The Resolution Awakens”

What if UCR was invaded by Imperial Forces? How would you defeat a Sith Lord? By training at the UCR Student Recreation Center, of course!

2. Professor Suveen Mathaudhu on the Science of the “Star Wars” Universe


Buzzfeed featured Suveen Mathaudhu, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, in a story about the science behind “Star Wars.” Mathaudhu answers questions such as, “Are light sabers possible,” and “How do you build a Death Star and not pay attention to the one exhaust port?” Find out the answers to these questions by reading the full Buzzfeed article.

3. “Star Wars” at the UCR Eaton Collection

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You’ve seen the movie, now come and read the Star Wars Trilogy from the Eaton Collection today!

The UCR Eaton Collection is the world’s largest publicly accessible collection of science fiction, fantasy, horror and utopian literature and that includes “Star Wars”! Housed at the Tomás Rivera Library’s Special Collections and University Archives, there are “Star Wars”-related items such as: an R2-D2 wastebasket, Ian Doescher’s “Shakespeare’s Star Wars” series, an Ewok plush, the original “Star Wars” trilogy as books and more!

4. Video: “Our Favorite Faculty with Morris Maduro and Farhad Ghamsari”

“Star Wars” is a story that not only binds galaxies together but also undergraduates and professors. Be sure to watch till the very end!

5. Professor Rachel Wu on “Star Wars” and Parenting

UCR Professor Rachel Wu is featured in a Yahoo! article about "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" and parenting.

UCR Professor Rachel Wu is featured in a Yahoo! article about “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and parenting. Photo Source: Graphic Description (YouTube)

Rachel Wu, professor of psychology, talks”Star Wars” in a Yahoo! Parenting article. Wu explains the shift in the nature versus nurture debate and how it is applicable to the franchise.

6. Professor Emeritus Toby Miller on the Success of the “Star Wars” Franchise

Professor Emeritus Toby Miller discusses the success of the "Star Wars" franchise on "The Hollywood Reporter."

“The great achievement of Star Wars had been to take a moribund genre in science fiction and restore it to popularity,” said Toby Miller, professor emeritus of media and cultural studies. Photo Source: IMDb

In an article from The Hollywood Reporter, Toby Miller, professor emeritus of media and cultural studies, explains that the real force behind the popularity of “Star Wars” is the story and imagery of the film.

7. “Star Wars” Campus Gear

These t-shirts are out of this world!

These t-shirts are out of this world!

Show both your Highlander Pride and your “Star Wars” fandom by wearing these t-shirts available for purchase at the UCR Campus Store.The Darth Vader and the Stormtrooper tees are $19.98 each.

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