It's not just a religious issue, but it is a feminist one because they are women...Obviously being a woman who is religious is not getting her access to an opportunity. So there is a sense here that you can't deny discrimination.

Sherine Hafez, associate professor of gender and sexuality studies, on Citadel Military College's policy that will not allow admitted students to wear Muslim headscarves


(The 'I Voted' stickers) may help prompt a couple of others to turn out and vote, but the sticker also is a public sign that someone voted — it’s equivalent in some ways to the ribbons people wear for various causes or T-shirts for giving blood. It allows people a public expression of, ‘I did my part.’

Shaun Bowler, distinguished professor of political science, on the 'I Voted' stickers as an Election Day symbol and how it can be a source of peer pressure in getting others to cast a ballot


I went to high school with Trujillos, and I work at a university with Trujillos, and a Trujillo works in the mayor’s office. If Trump’s phalanx of immigration officers arrives here, I hope they have a lot of time for stories.

Susan Straight, professor of creative writing, from her opinion piece that explains how problematic Donald Trump's anti-immigration beliefs would be in a multicultural state like California


Based on what we know and in which direction the climate is going, yes, we can expect more frequent super fires. There is scientific consensus that climate change will lead to much more intense fires, more dry areas.

Marko Princevac, associate professor of mechanical engineering, on how the prolonged drought and climate change is creating a new storm of super fires


An over-the-counter vitamin D3 supplement is just as good as sun exposure.

Anthony Norman, distinguished professor emeritus of biochemistry and biomedical sciences, debunking the vitamin D myth that supplements are not as effective as sun exposure


If I’m pregnant and I’m trying to figure out whether my baby is in danger or not, it makes a huge difference whether it’s Zika or dengue. Because dengue doesn’t cause microcephaly. That’s where it’s important. It’s a big deal.

Ilhem Messaoudi, associate professor of biomedical sciences, on how the lack of tests specific to the Zika virus creates a dilemma for some pregnant women


If they're encountering teachers who are not taking the time to learn their name or don't validate who they are, it starts to create this wall.

Rita Kohli, assistant professor in the graduate school of education, on the negative effects of teachers mispronouncing students' names


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