After more than a decade of policy gridlock on immigration in Washington, DC, California began to embark on a series of pro-integration policies that have accumulated over time, forming what we call the California Package of immigration reform.

Karthick Ramakrishnan, professor of political science and public policy, on California's integrative approach to the immigrant population as the state continues to extend benefits to undocumented immigrants


It’s really important to understand how greenhouse gases affected habitability early in Earth history and changed in the history of the atmosphere.

Timothy Lyons, distinguished professor of biogeochemistry, on the significance of understanding the Earth's atmosphere and how it has changed through time


When you list off and name people from the Marvel Universe that use metals you have Iron Man, you have Wolverine's claws and skeleton, you have Thor's hammer made out of Uru metal, you have Captain America's shield. All of these iconic features rotate around light weight and super strong metals.

Suveen Mathaudhu assistant professor of mechanical engineering, on how stories behind famous comic book characters can act as an aid in teaching science and engineering to the general public


The premise was always important, the science fiction elements, all of that I could always do research on, but I would say to them at Disney Channel is ultimately if your audience doesn’t get involved or invested in the characters and their relationships, it doesn’t matter. No matter what the special effects are, it’s the characters and how they engage.

Stu Krieger, professor and chair of theatre, on Disney Channel Original Movies and why these films continue resonate with the public


DEET is the oldest option. It was produced by the military and has been on the market since the gold standard. It has gone through the most tests.

Omar Akbari, assistant professor of entomology, on DEET being the most effective repellant to prevent mosquito bites


These elaborate rafts are some of the most visually stunning examples of cooperation in ants.

Jessica Purcell, assistant professor of entomology, on the discovery that raft-building ants exhibit memory and repeatedly occupy the same position when forming their rafts


If you think about an evolutionary battle between a plant and bacteria, bacteria are going to win every time.

Joel Sachs, associate professor of biology, on agricultural microbials and their potential to boost plant growth, increase resistance to drought and reduce farmers' reliance on pesticides


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