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Features include a chat with Karthick Ramakrishnan on Asian Americans this election year, UC's student regent Marcela Ramirez and more

UCR Magazine’s Spring 2016 issue is here.

In many ways, California is like a nation; its innovative policies are studied and adapted elsewhere in the country and the world. At the new UCR School of Public Policy, addressing Inland California’s biggest challenges — poverty, the drought, mass incarceration — holds great promise. Read about how UCR established the school. It is the culmination of a decadelong effort to establish UCR not only as a training ground for policymakers, but also to solve the most pressing challenges facing California and the world.

Professor of Public Policy and Political Science Karthick Ramakrishnan weighs in on how California’s diverse population will make a significant difference this election year. “In 2012, by the time the primaries got to California, Mitt Romney had locked up the nomination and Obama was the incumbent,” Ramakrishnan says.
This year, it’s possible that California’s results were impacted by the often underrated Asian-American vote. Read about it here.

Victor G. J. Rodgers, the Jacques S. Yeager Sr. Professor in Bioengineering, talks about his drive to heal the world through biomedical and biological systems, in collaboration with colleagues at UCR’s School of Medicine. “I just want to be a part of the human energy that is doing positive things for the planet,” he says. “I want to be part of that group that’s treating people right and is doing great science at the same time.”

We introduce you to the UC Student Regent, UCR’s own Marcela Ramirez, whose  most important job as a student regent will be elevating the concerns and perspectives of all UC students to the board of regents.  “It’s about building awareness and encouraging relationships,” she says. “We are institutions of higher education; this is the thing we’re supposed to be good at. If we can’t do it, who is going to do it?”

Lastly, we celebrate Anthony Rendon, Ph.D. ’00, the 70th Speaker of the California Assembly. A former warehouse worker and philosophy student, Rendon  marvels at his current position and the path that led him there.

As always, we have a ton of online extras — videos, slideshows and more — on our website, magazine.ucr.edu.


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