The more we learn about (the mantis shrimp) and its multi-layered structural designs, the more we realize how much it can help us as we design better planes, cars, sports equipment and armor.

David Kisailus, associate professor of chemical and environmental engineering, on his research on the mantis shrimp


That’s very naive. We didn’t get that much rain here.

Richard Minnich, professor of geography, on how state water officials eased conservation mandates in response to slightly above-average winter rain and snow in much of California


It's not clear how much of (the higher turnout in Latino voters this primary) should be credited to community organizations, or to the dynamic of the presidential campaigns, but when it comes to turning out the vote, the role of community organizations is critically important.

Karthick Ramakrishnan, professor of political science and public policy, on the importance of Latino voter-engagement groups in turning out the vote in the California primary


It's been estimated that the citrus industry may go commercially extinct unless they can get on top of this problem.

Mark Hoddle, director of the Center for Invasive Species Research, on the Asian citrus psyllid and how it poses a serious threat to California's multibillion-dollar citrus industry


Students who have this experience (of teachers mispronouncing their names) started to feel embarrassment or shame or feel that their name was a burden, but in part because it was within a larger context of schools not being culturally responsive, not really celebrating or valuing who students are.

Rita Kohli, assistant professor in the Graduate School of Education, on the negative effects of teachers mispronouncing their students' names


It is hard to say for sure if Donald will get the same type of boost that we have found for other Republican male candidates, since he lacks incumbency status as well as foreign-policy experience, and it is not as clear if he will be as advantaged by party stereotypes, given that he is a party outsider.

Jennifer Merolla, professor of political science, on whether or not a major terror attack would give Donald Trump an advantage in the presidential campaign


Sleep has been shown to facilitate the transformation of recent experiences into long-term, stable memories. But, past studies produced contradictory evidence about which specific sleep features enhance memory performance.

Sara Mednick, assistant professor of psychology, on her research that explains how there is a link between sleep and improved memory


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