We're really trying to give an extra tool to doctors so that if they ever need to go back and interrogate the brain or treat a lesion that they have to treat initially, they don't have to undergo another craniotomy... Instead, with some small windows like this, they can shine light and try to see what is going on inside.

Guillermo Aguilar, professor of mechanical engineering, on his lab's creation of a transparent skull implant that will allow doctors to deliver life-saving laser treatments to patients with brain disorders


When you’re really sleep-deprived, you don’t really get the effect it’s having on you. So it’s easy for somebody to be very confident that they’re doing fine, but because their decision-making is off; they may not understand the depths of the problem.

Sara Mednick, professor of psychology, on why Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump should not be bragging about his sleep deprivation


The impacts of drought and extreme temperature on these communities, often disproportionately immigrant and Hispanic, can be severe. The stress, anxiety, and reduced income and job losses that occur within (the Central Valley as well as Riverside and San Bernardino counties) likely result in health effects.

Kurt Schwabe, professor of environmental economics and policy, on his research studying the potential impact of drought on the health of California's poorest regions


(New Zealand's initiative to be predator free) is highly probable within our lifetimes.... There's a good chance we may actually see the benefits of this very aggressive control program, and I think that's exciting.

Mark Hoddle, director of the Center for Invasive Species Research, in response to New Zealand's plan to wipe out all rodents and other invasive species that threaten its natural species by 2050


So, inspired by LEGOs, we set out to make a set of building blocks that can be used to build research instruments. Researchers could use these blocks to build virtually any instrument they might need.

William Grover, assistant professor of bioengineering, on his research's development of a 3D-printed, Lego-like system that enables users to custom make chemical and biological research equipment easily and affordably


I think that what is really important is that when many people do, whether they are fourth graders or their teachers, visit California missions, there still is a widespread sense that Californian Indians went extinct during the mission period, but we know that this is not true.

Steven Hackel, professor of history, on the impact of California missions on the state's history


DEET is sort of the gold standard as far as the repellency of mosquitoes.

Bill Walton, professor of entomology, on DEET being the most effective repellant to prevent mosquito bites


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