It’s not like the movies where they show nothing but a hat left.

Katherine Kendrick, adjunct assistant professor of earth sciences, on how films inaccurately depict quicksand as a material that swallows victims whole. When stuck, people will eventually float instead of drowning to the bottom because their bodies are not as dense as the sand


Although Paralympians are getting the attention they have long deserved...the tenor of the conversation about these athletes and about disabled bodies in general makes it clear that they are misunderstood by most of the world and, save for this brief period, largely unseen.

Emily Rapp Black, assistant professor of creative writing , from her op-ed piece, 'My Paralympic Blues'


Gamemaker support is essential because they need to permit use of their copyrighted work in competition. It would be the first time the IOC would face that hurdle.

Thomas Scanlon, professor of Classics, on hurdles the e-sports industry will have to face before video games can be part of the Olympics


You're better able to assess risks among your student populations. That is why these educational institutions do this, so they can better understand their student populations and they can better serve their student populations.

Karthick Ramakrishnan, professor of political science and public policy, on why the state school systems' standardized data collection on Native Hawaiians and Asian Pacific Islanders, including the 10 additional AAPI categories, has proven useful on college campuses


A big part of food is its presentation, and we associate browning or discolored fruit with being bad or overripe or even rotten.

Eric Focht, staff research associate, on how browning and discoloration in the avocado fruit affect flavor


Maybe people are leaving because it's too damn dangerous. In urban firefighting, not only are the hours more reasonable but they're also looking mostly at single structure events.

Richard Minnich, professor of geography, on the shortage of California state firefighters


Not only is this an expression of the need for certain kinds of services in the public sphere or certain kinds of safe spaces in the public sphere to express their opinion, but it's also a call for social change...

Sherine Hafez, associate professor of gender and sexuality studies, on Egypt's online trend of Facebook groups that provide safe spaces to talk about subjects that are considered a taboo in the Middle East


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