Supportive services can help veterans transition into higher education and potentially set them up for academic success, but the evidence base still needs to be established. This study leads us one step closer to understanding the value of peer-led services for our most recent generation of veterans.

Ann Cheney, assistant professor at the center for healthy communities in the UCR School of Medicine, on improving veterans educational experience


We’ve been doing everything possible to contain and slow down the spread of the disease...the trend is moving towards what I believe is an HLB tsunami.

Mark Hoddle, entomologist, discussing huanglongbing, a citrus-killing disease in Southern California


In warmer areas, some bees will be active nearly year-round, and having bee-friendly flowers that bloom during the colder months can provide those bees forage.

Quinn McFrederick, assistant professor of entomology, on how to help bees thrive


To get to 2 to 3 million (deportations) will mean a dramatic rewriting of who or what is a criminal, and rewriting that definition in a way that involves acts most Americans would not consider to be a crime.

Karthick Ramakrishnan, professor and associate dean of the school of public policy, on possible future immigration laws


Poem by poem, we can end the violence every day after every other day.

Juan Felipe Herrera, professor emeritus of creative writing and U.S. poet laureate, reciting from his book, 'Notes on the Assemblage' to discuss multiculturalism and social issues


Rumination leads you to feel more anxious, pessimistic, and out of control, all of which make it even harder to solve the problem.

Sonja Lyubomirsky, professor of psychology, on unhealthy emotional behaviors


Young people who are politically active and concerned about issues are more likely to vote once they turn 18. Many teens are using social media to spread the word about demonstrations.

Joseph Kahne, professor of educational policy and politics, on teens taking part in political demonstrations


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