Professor Kassas Receives $750K Grant from ONR

Electrical and computer engineering assistant professor Zak Kassas

Professor Zak Kassas received a three-year $750,000 grant from the Office of Naval Research (ONR). Professor Kassas is the PI on this grant and Professor Ping Liang is the Co-PI. The grant will fund developing an integrated research and training program in resilient navigation and communication systems in contested electromagnetic environments. This program aims to (1) analyze ambient signals in the environment, (2) detect and localize signals transmitted with a malicious intent, (3) design algorithms for opportunistic and collaborative extraction of relevant information from these signals, (4) build software-defined radio (SDR), congnitive radio (CR), and hardware prototypes to fuse the extracted information with GPS signals (when available) and with onboard sensors with multiple modalities, detecting multimode signals and using opportunistic spectrum for networking, and (5) build mesh wireless networks that are reliable, broadband, and with low-latency.

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