ECE’s Qi Zhu Receives Nearly $1M from Two NSF Cyber-Physical Systems Grants

Electrical and computer engineering assistant professor Qi Zhu

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded two Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) grants totaling nearly $1 million to BCOE’s ECE Assistant Professor Qi Zhu.

The research project titled “Synergy: Securing the Timing of Cyber-Physical Systems” was awarded $750,000 for an interdisciplinary team to research timing attacks in cyber-physical systems. The discoveries and methodologies developed in this project will provide fundamental advances in addressing timing attacks and lead to the design and implementation of more secure cyber-physical systems in a number of key sectors including automotive and transportation systems, industrial automation, and robotics. The team, led by Zhu, includes Professor Nael Abu-Ghazaleh (ECE/CSE), Professor Matthew Barth (ECE/CE-CERT), Professor Fabio Pasqualetti (ME), Professor Zhiyun Qian (CSE), and Professor Eamonn Keogh (CSE).

In addition, the project “Collaborative Research: A Framework for Extensibility-Driven Design of Cyber-Physical Systems” was awarded $200,000. The objective of the project is to develop a systematic framework for designing extensible cyber-physical systems that can enable efficient and correct updates with minimal redesign and reverification efforts.

According to NSF, CPS grants support research regarding engineered systems that are built from, and depend upon, the seamless integration of computational algorithms and physical components. Advances in CPS will enable capability, adaptability, scalability, resiliency, safety, security, and usability that will far exceed the simple embedded systems of today. CPS technology will transform the way people interact with engineered systems and will drive innovation and competition in sectors such as agriculture, energy, transportation, building design and automation, healthcare, and manufacturing.

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