Ozkan Team is the Global Finalist at the Climate Launchpad 2016

Ozkans’ team at UC Riverside and their collaborators at Eray/Carbajo – an architecture and design studio based in New York, are determined to create global environmental proactivity. Recently, they have created a global awareness for a material named “Sponge” in more than 30 countries, with over 350+ PR publications including major news outlets such as Wall Street Journal, CNN International, Fast Company, Discovery Channel, Fox News and Huffington Post.

“We are thrilled we can make such an impact through our smart material – ‘Sponge,'” said both Mihri and Cengiz Ozkan, who are faculty members in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, respectively. A swimwear design incorporating the Sponge material with the concept of “clean seas as you swim” won the Reshape International Wearable Technology Competition in 2015 in Rome, Italy, and now SpongeSuit became a global finalist at the Climate Launchpad 2016 Competition.

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