There is little doubt that hosting the Olympics is an enormous boost for a local economy — both in the short term as driven by activity surrounding the events themselves, and in the long term given how these events raise the global profile of the region.

Christopher Thornberg, director of economic forecasting and professor of the school of business administration, on the bid for Los Angeles to host the 2024 Summer Olympics, an opportunity that could create over 74,000 new jobs, and boost the local economy by $11 billion


Some viruses are transmitted in soil by soil-born nematodes. These will be limited to kind of a small region, but viruses that are transmitted by flying insects will spread very rapidly and can cause epidemics. Going to this level of journal is very, very rare...It’s only this kind of multi-lab collaboration that can lead to a complete and exciting story.

Shou-Wei Ding, professor of molecular virology and immunology, on disease amongst plants, and how this could lead to understanding other insect-transferred viruses such as Zika and malaria


If you pressure an animal hard enough, you’ll kill the susceptible individual...Then, before you know it, those resistant genes become more common.

Brad Mullen, professor of entomology, discussing the sudden increase in lice outbreaks and the ways in which lice mutate and withstand


Since sleep duration is linked with so many other factors that can also influence cognition, it's likely that there are both direct and indirect effects of sleep duration on cognition. Oversleeping might also be a marker of underlying circadian disruptions or health problems that could lead to structural brain changes and poor cognitive functioning.

Elizabeth McDevitt, Phd, researcher at the sleep and cognition lab, on the effects of oversleeping on brain function and behavior


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