L’Amore: Top Valentine’s Day Movies for All

To reminisce on love, to cry – or to laugh. Enjoy these movies in honor of Valentine's Day

Derek Burrill, professor of media and cultural studies at UC Riverside, provides his top 10 films for February 14th. krissy danforth

Derek Burrill, professor of media and cultural studies at UC Riverside, has a few recommendations for people wanting to spend some time indulging in love stories.

“Some people like romance, some people like anti-romance, but, pretty much everybody is on the fence about Valentine’s Day. So, here’s a completely flawed chart to help you find just the right movie to fit your mood on February 14th,” Burrill said.

  1. If you like “Amélie,” then you’ll love “The Artist.”
  1. If you didn’t like “Ghost,” then give “The War of the Roses” a try.
  1. If “Giant” is a little too old-fashioned for you, take a shot at “Jane Got a Gun.”
  1. If you liked “Chunking Express,” then you’ll probably love “The Lobster.”
  1. If you’re too old for “Save the Last Dance,” check out “Shall We Dance?”.
  1. If you’ve had enough of “Brokeback Mountain,” switch over to “Appropriate Behavior.”
  1. If you’re totally over “Twilight,” time to “Let the Right One In.”
  1. If you think “Wild at Heart” is an acquired taste, “Crash” (1996) is up your alley.
  1. If “Fatal Attraction” wasn’t your thing, you’ll probably love “The Notebook.”
  1. If “Revolutionary Road” did it for you, “Closer” is a step farther.

Bonus films: If you got a kick out of “Warm Bodies,” then “Life After Beth” might be your thing. And, if you think “It Happened One Night,” is a classic, try “Gaslight;” it’s a classic, but twisted.

“A special, but very, very wrong ‘romantic’ movie mention: ‘Passengers.’ On a 120-year intergalactic journey to a new world, Chris Pratt is mistakenly awakened 90 years early. He gets so lonely and Jennifer Lawrence is so pretty that he takes her out of hibernation because he’s just sure she’ll love him! This effectively ends her chances at a life on a new world! And now she’s stuck with him and an android bartender! So wrong!”

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