Facilities Update: Improvements Come to University Lecture Hall

A team of 43 employees worked to update one of the largest lecture rooms on campus

A team of 43 employees worked together to update University Lecture Hall over the winter break. The goal was to work swiftly to avoid interrupting any classes and the goal was met. sandra baltazar martínez

The challenge was set: clean, paint, and refurbish — without interrupting daily instruction at University Lecture Hall (ULH), one of UCR’s largest classrooms.

To tackle the task, during the winter holiday closure, a team of 43 staff members cleaned 570 seats (reupholstering many of them), cleaned carpets, refurbished bathrooms, added new furniture to the lectern area, replaced lighting fixtures, and polished the wood flooring. This, of course, is only a partial list.

Facilities Services employees worked hard to clean and update University Lecture Hall. In this photo, a worker clears debris buildup from the main entrance.

The job totaled 440 hours and required the skills of maintenance and grounds crews, plumbers, and electricians.

The result?  UCR students and instructors returned in January to a clean space.

Associate Professor of History Dana Simmons teaches two classes a week at ULH. She said she appreciates the repairs, particularly the lighting and repaired seats. The upgrades were especially noticeable during a recent exam, she said.

“All students had a place to sit, there were no issues with broken seats, and the exam went smoothly,” Simmons said. “This is one of my favorite rooms to teach in.”

Working as a team was important to accomplishing the task in a small amount of time, said Sharon Starrett, swing shift custodial supervisor.

“It’s essential for our students, faculty, and staff members to have a suitable learning and working environment, and rehabilitating the University Lecture Hall was a project our team focused on during the winter break to improve the campus and make a difference,” said Susan Marshburn, executive director of Facilities Services. “It took immense coordination between our skilled trades, custodial, housekeeping, landscape, resource management, estimating/planning/scheduling, business support, and client engagement teams to accomplish this project. And they did an incredible job.”

In the photo, some of the swing shift team members who worked on the University Lecture Hall renovation.   sandra baltazar martinez



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