Even more importantly, the PHEV energy management system will no longer be a static device–it will actively evolve and improve for its entire life cycle. Our goal is to revolutionize the PHEV EMS to achieve even greater fuel savings and emission reductions.

Xuewei Qi, researcher and PI at the research group of the Center for Environmental Research and Technology, on the future of hybrid plug-in vehicles


Sometimes it's heartbreaking...you go out and see the orchards that have been lost in Florida. I try to stay grounded and focused and just keep plugging away at it.

Caroline Roper, assistant professor, bacteriologist, and assistant plant pathologist, on the pressure of other researchers to find a treatment to the citrus-threatening huanglongbing virus


It’s a lot of fun, these events. But what it really does is inspire our students to get interested in science and math and engineering...It teaches them patience, it teaches them perseverance, but it also teaches them another way of looking at math and science, a fun way of looking at it.

Carlos Gonzalez, director of UCR’s Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement (MESA) program, on the importance of teaching STEM subjects to young students early


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