Christopher Martone Chosen as California Instructional Materials Reviewer

Christopher Martone UCR Library

UCR Library’s Coordinator of Education Services Christopher Martone will serve on a team of influencers to determine which textbooks are used throughout California’s elementary and middle schools.

Prior to joining the UCR Library, Christopher taught high school advanced placement U.S. History and Social Studies for six years. Christopher has been with the Library for more than 10 years, working with the education resources and maintaining the Learning Resources Display Center (LRDC) on the second floor of the Tomás Rivera Library.

The Instructional Materials Reviewers will review textbooks to determine whether they present historical facts and stories in an even-handed way, with a voice given to all sides and a balanced perspective, while still meeting state benchmarks for educational criteria in history and social studies. “Sometimes history has a tendency to be somewhat biased,” Martone stated. “We want to encourage open-mindedness in students, and the best way to do that is to present all sides of the story.”

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History Professor Named Associate Editor of New Journal

Michele Salzman

Michele Salzman, professor of ancient Mediterranean history, has been named an associate editor of a new journal, Studies in Late Antiquity, published by the University of California Press. The digital journal, which just published its inaugural edition, will feature original scholarship, book reviews, and exhibit reviews on a wide range of topics pertaining to the world of Late Antiquity (150 – 750 CE).

Studies in Late Antiquity differs from other journals that address various aspects of this field of study in its intention to foster multi- and interdisciplinary research which emphasizes the interconnectedness of the Mediterranean with other parts of the late ancient world.

A defining focus of the journal is fostering multi- and interdisciplinary research that emphasizes the interconnectedness of the Mediterranean with other parts of the late ancient world. Comparative and methodologically innovative papers are especially welcome.

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