UCR’s Painting Crew Enhances Campus Facilities

UCR's hardworking painters have completed more than 160 projects this academic year

Facilities Services painting crew (left to right): Brandan Figueroa; Matthew Munton; Tom Pedretti; Joe Greenan; Javier Pulido; Scott Bennett; and David Rodriguez. By the end of spring quarter, the team will have completed at least 179 projects across campus. sandra baltazar martínez

Recently the hallways of the entire first floor of Watkins Hall received a fresh coat of paint.

The work was completed during spring break by a seven person painting crew. From July 1, 2016 to date, that painting crew has completed 161 projects all across campus. They expect to have completed at least 179 by the end of the spring quarter.

“Facilities Services has focused on the high demand for the painting of new and existing faculty offices. It has taken a multitude of coordination between our team and the college faculties and staff,” said Susan Marshburn, executive director of UCR’s Facilities Services. “Our painters worked diligently to help move the projects forward,” Marshburn said.

Painters working at Watkins Hall on March 28, 2017, during UCR’s spring break. sandra baltazar martínez

During spring break, the team spent the weekend taping around door frames, moldings, bulletin boards, faculty name plates, and light switch covers. Taping is the most time consuming part of the job, said Joe Greenan, one of the painters. When they are not working on these bigger jobs, the team divides duties between tending to campus housing project needs, or on-campus physical plant duties.

The group, composed of Javier Pulido, Brandan Figueroa, Matthew Munton, Tom Pedretti, Joe Greenan, Scott Bennett, and David Rodriguez, chatted and laughed as they brushed on a new coat of pearl white color. Oldies played from Pedretti’s cell phone, the soft music echoing through Watkins’ empty hallways. Joining forces for the bigger projects makes sense, and work runs smoother, the men said as they quickly moved from door frame to door frame.

“This is such a big help because otherwise a project like this would take much more time for three of us,” Greenan said. “This way, we work faster, and no students are around so we don’t disrupt any classes.”

For Chris Valdez, a faculty desktop support specialist at Watkins Hall, seeing the workers during spring break was a pleasant surprise.

“Watkins is one of the older buildings and a fresh coat of paint is greatly appreciated,” said Valdez as he walked passed the painters and into his office on the first floor.

Paul Richardson, director of facilities for the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (CHASS), said the painters work inconspicuously and are always willing to accommodate project requests that include office space, labs, and classrooms.

“We are so indebted to that team. We are very fortunate on this campus to have them. I can’t say enough,” Richardson said. “They were able to meet all of our requests to get all labs and classroom and offices done. They’ve completed at least 30 projects in the past year for us.”

Facilities Services has a team of seven painters who work on jobs all across campus. The crew is shown here working at Watkins Hall on March 28, 2017, during UCR’s spring break. sandra baltazar martínez

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