Human Resources: Finding the Best Candidates for UCR

The talent acquisition team is also available to assist other campus human resource managers with any hiring processes

UC Riverside’s Human Resources talent acquisition team. sandra baltazar martínez

UC Riverside’s human resources’ talent acquisition team is available to departments across campus to assist in recruiting and landing the best candidates for open positions.

When it comes to finding qualified candidates to fill highly specialized staff positions, UCR’s talent acquisition team has the tools to launch a national search and hone in on finding those potential hires. In fact, in the past year, they’ve managed to find over 30 such new employees.

Quincy Kinsey, director of UCR’s human resources’ talent acquisition and diversity outreach, hopes hiring managers will talk to him and his staff about departmental needs. “Our services are opened to the entire campus,” Kinsey said. “There is no need to hire a search firm. If you need help, here we are.”

Kinsey has assembled a group of human resource experts who have a toolkit of techniques including using social media, and reaching out to professionals across the nation to let them know about vacancies at UCR, and the benefits of working here.

Kinsey’s team has also expanded UCR’s outreach efforts, building relationships with local and national organizations to enrich the diversity of applicant pools. They have also been conducting workshops for veterans that prepare them to apply their skills to jobs at UCR.

Hiring services and support from the talent acquisition team can range from full cycle recruitment, to ad hoc services such as:

  • Reviewing applicants for long list creation
  • Developing interview questions
  • Conducting pre-screening phone interviews
  • Social media recruitment strategies

The team works well together, he said, because they understand the mission: bring in passionate candidates who want to move UCR forward.

Visit UCR’s Human Resources website for more information on the talent acquisition team and their full cycle recruitment:

Meet the team:

Paul Peña

“As a recruiter, I have the opportunity to guide an applicant to not just land a job, but to find the career that they are passionate about, and for me, that is the true meaning of a successful recruitment.” — Paul 




Stephanie Davis

“I am proud to work for an organization that looks to hire the best candidates with exceptional skills, who embrace the UCR culture of diversity and inclusion.” — Stephanie





Kai Buckner

“I absolutely love the fact that I get to work at the only public research university in the Inland Empire. It is so exciting to be a part of an institution that embraces public service, diversity and inclusion.” — Kai 






Emma Geach

“Some of my best moments at UCR have been the times where I felt like I have made an impact on someone’s life. For example, during a workshop session with the veteran community, I assisted two candidates with their resumes and cover letters. It was such a great feeling when I later received emails from them, letting me know that they had been offered positions here at UCR.” — Emma



Quincy Kinsey

“I am fascinated by the life changing research that is happening across the campus and this becomes part of the dialogue that we have with passive candidates as we source individuals that have the same drive and passion we all share here at UCR.”– Quincy





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