Gluck Summer Camp is Now Taking Applications

Applications are due by May 7 for June 18-22 and June 25-28 sessions

Students on stage.

Participants from previous Gluck Summer camp.

RIVERSIDE, Calif. — The Gluck Fellows Program of the Arts at UC Riverside is now taking applications for its annual summer camp. The summer camp will be held on the UCR campus and at UCR ARTSblock on June 18–22 and June 25–28. Applications are due by May 7.

The Gluck Summer Camp is a free camp for people aged 14–18. All are welcome to apply, but there are limited spaces, and applications are required. Gluck Summer Camp of the Arts offers free workshops through UCR’s departments of Art, Creative Writing, Dance, History of Art, Music and Theatre.  Each workshop will be taught by a Graduate Fellow in the Gluck Fellows Program of the Arts, a program funded by the Maxwell H. Gluck Foundation.

The goal of the Gluck Summer Camp of the Arts is to provide mature teenagers with an intensive educational experience in the arts and to expand their understanding of the history, theory and application of the various arts disciplines that emphasize individual growth. Experimental dance, flash fiction, and video making are among the classes offered in the seventh annual Gluck Summer Camp of the Arts. The arts program for teens ages 14 through 18 will be held at UCR on June 18–22 and the video camp will be held at UCR ARTSblock in downtown Riverside on June 18–22 and 25–28.

The program is free, but participants must provide their own lunches and transportation. The deadline to apply is noon, May 7. Applications may be downloaded at Students may enroll for camp at UCR or at UCR ARTSblock. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance by e-mail on May 25.

In addition to dance, creative writing and video, camp classes will include collage, zine making, violin, theatre and creative movement. The theme of this year’s summer program at UCR is “Be Here/Be Now.”

2012 Summer Camp Workshops @ UCR Campus

Alphabet Experiment

Alphabet Experiment will be taught by Chelsea Rector, Graduate Fellow in art — Students will bring together their creative lettering experiments on paper, and then will assemble a zine to share with each other and our community! Rector is a Southern California native who has been committed to art making since 2004. Some areas of interest and concentration include poetry and symbolic logic, literary and art theories, existential and continental philosophies, and affective neuroscience.

Choice, Chance and Change: The Makings of a Dance Experiment

Choice, Chance and Change will be taught by Hannah Schwadron, Graduate Fellow in Dance – Open to students of all levels of dance familiarity and experience, this workshop is designed as an intensive introduction to the art of making dances through movement-based concepts of choice, chance, and change. At the end of the week, students will showcase the ‘findings’ of our dance experiments to the rest of camp in a fun performance format. Schwadron is thrilled to teach Gluck summer camp for the third time, and is especially excited to offer this intensive introduction to dance composition. Hannah is currently a Ph.D. candidate in critical dance studies at UC Riverside, where she also completed an MFA in experimental choreography in 2009.

Have a Listen And Don’t forget the Dirt: Cape Breton Style Fiddle by Ear

Have a Listen and Don’t forget the Dirt will be taught by Kathryn Alexander, Graduate Fellow in Music. Students will be learning to play traditional Scottish fiddle music from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.  Learning this style, which comes from eastern Canada, will develop their ability to learn music by ear, and give them an opportunity to perform at the end of the week concert!  Pre-requisites:  Students do not need to be able to read music, but they need:  knowledge of A and D major scales, 1 to 2 years of experience playing the violin and a willingness to learn without music.  Students must bring their own violin and bow. Alexander is a third year Ph.D. student in cthnomusicology at UCR.  She received her MA in cthnomusicology from UCR in 2009, and double major in music and history from UC San Diego in 2005.  Her research explores intersections of identity in North America community-based music scenes.

Theatre in the Moment

Theatre in the Moment will be taught by Marcus Renner and Rachell Campbell, Graduate Fellows in theatre. Theatre is a place where every craft contributes to single project, and throughout the week students will write, act, direct, design, and cheer each other on as they build toward a final performance. The morning session is for participants age 14–15, and the afternoon for 16–18 year olds. Renner is in the second-year of the MFA playwriting at UC Riverside. He has degrees in environmental studies from Brown University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has worked for over twenty years in environmental and community education. Campbell happens to be one of those happy few who were exposed to Shakespeare early and remained devoted permanently. Her BA in theatre arts with a minor in English allowed many opportunities for the exuberant study of Shakespeare’s life and works.  After college, she taught Shakespeare classes to middle school and continued to read and direct his plays.

Homeroom Tie-Dye Workshop

Homeroom Tie-Dye Workshop will be led by Zachary Leener, Graduate Fellow in art. All summer camp students will participate in Homeroom where they can meet fellow Gluck campers and make new friends while working on some classic summer time projects.  They will be tie-dyeing shirts and flags — and whatever else they can get our hands on. Leener is working on his MFA in visual arts at UCR where he makes drawings, sculptures, videos, books, furniture, photographs and rugs. He’s especially enthusiastic about tie-dye and knows a thing or two about ceramics as well.


Collage will be taught by Carter Seddon, Graduate Fellow in Art — Students will discover new ways of working though chance operations in which they will arrive at unexpected aesthetic conclusions! Over the week, they will explore a number of methods by which to generate artworks from preexisting materials such as books, magazines and newspapers. Participants will also explore the possibilities that collage techniques can hold for writing and poetry and how text can inform an image. Seddon is a second year graduate student in the Art Department at UCR.  His background is in photography and he currently works with photography at UCR.  His BFA is from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and Tufts University.

Fiction in a Flash

Fiction in a Flash will be taught by Deja Gworek, Graduate Fellow in creative writing. Students will first examine flash fiction written by some of the greatest storytellers and then develop characters, create engaging dialogue, and piece together scenes, a story arc, language and description. Stories don’t need to be long or complicated to be meaningful or fun. Not only will students have a finished story by the end of the course, but the tools to write more long after they leave. No experience necessary.  Gworek is pursuing her MFA in creative writing and writing for the performing arts in fiction at UCR.  She is working on a novel and has a BA in English literature from UCR.  In past lives, she’s run a law office and advised international students.

Imaginative: Thinking, Moving and Crafting

Imaginitve will be taught by Harmony Wolfe, Graduate Fellow in history of art. Designed for visual artists, photographers, musicians, choreographers and performers, this workshop encourages individual expression through movement. Participants will explore different ways to compose and make movement, using images, sound and text as inspiration and will collaborate to make a performance which can include text, movement and music.  Wolfe is a graduate candidate in history of art MA program, where she writes about performance. She makes dances using everyday objects and images as inspiration for composition and movement. She thinks that everyone can dance because each of us experiences movement.

2012 Summer Camp Workshops @ UCR ARTSblock

QUICK FLIX: Exploring Creativity with Video

Quick Flix will be taught by Jason Chou. This workshop will introduce participants to producing and editing digital videos. The workshop is broken down into daily activities and group projects that will allow participants to generate creative digital videos while learning basic skills in video production. Most activities will consist of group participation. Participants may use the equipment provided at workshop.  Students need basic understanding and working knowledge of digital video camera. Must be able to enjoy working in group and team situations.  June 18–21, for ages 14–16. Chou is a teacher at heart and a Ph.D. student at the UCR Graduate School for Education.  He attended Musicians Institute in Hollywood where he earned a certificate in professional music recording.  Motivating students to have dreams and take steps toward realizing their goals is one of his life’s missions.

BetaBLOCK – Autobiography and Media Portfolio Workshop

BetaBLOCK will be taught by Scott Hernandez. This workshop will challenge participants to express and extend their creativity by producing a digital autobiography as a part of their artist portfolio. Participants need basic understanding and working knowledge of digital camera and video cameras required. June 25–28, for ages 16–18.  Hernandez is a graduate student in creative writing.  Scott was raised on a small chicken ranch in Southern California and looks forward to completing his MFA at UCR and finishing his first chap book entitled “Placasos y Retablos.”

For more information contact Christine Leapman, Gluck program coordinator, at (951) 827-5739 or Shane Shukis, Gluck fellows coordinator, at (951) 827-3518,

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