It’s difficult to talk about something that didn’t exist. (El Camino Real) is a fiction created in the 20th century to promote automobile tourism up and down the coast of California. When people think of the El Camino, they think of the King’s Highway from Mexico City to all these borderlands, and that didn’t exist in California.

Steven Hackel, professor of history, on the historical inaccuracy of a single road connecting missions in California, in response to possible UNESCO landmarking advances


It was a cathartic experience. I wanted to raise the Korean American voice — this is our story, what had happened to us.

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We expect the number of tree hosts to grow even higher over the next few years. And at this point, there's not much we can do about that.

Akif Eskalen, associate plant pathologist and associate cooperative extension specialist, on the insect shot hole borer, which threatens 38% of Southern California's trees


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