Gluck Visiting Artists casebolt and smith at the Culver Center of the Arts

UCR Alums Liz Casebolt and Joel Smith return to campus for a free performance after a six-week stint at the Actors Company Theatre in West Hollywood

RIVERSIDE, Calif. – On May 18th, the 2012 Gluck Program Visiting Artists Liz Casebolt and Joel Smith will give a free performance of their current work O(h), which recently completed a six-week run at the Actors Company Theatre in West Hollywood. Smith graduated from UCR in 2004, and Casebolt in 2007, both with MFAs in Experimental Choreography. They perform together under the name of casebolt and smith.

casebolt and smith was founded in 2006, and has toured nationally and internationally with Pentacle (DanceWorks Inc), a non-profit service organization for the performing arts, Mara Greenberg and Ivan Sygoda, Directors. They have also presented work at the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival in Belfast, Vancouver International Dance Festival in Canada, Joyce SoHo in New York, Contemporary Art Forum in Santa Barbara and Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego, as well as at CounterPulse in San Francisco, Actors Company Theatre and Diavolo Dance Space in Los Angeles and at the Herberger Theater in Phoenix.

Relying on their friendship and shared sense of humor, Casebolt and Smith craft dances that reveal their choreographic methods and collaborative rapport to analyze gender and sexuality politics as well as the overly serious traditions of modern dance. They share their work with broad and diverse audiences through performance, teaching residencies and commissions.

After the performance, the duo will take questions from the audience about their creative process, influences, and other topics. The performance will begin at 8 p.m. at the Culver Center of the Arts in downtown Riverside.

“Liz Casebolt and Joel Smith, who initiated their collaboration in 2006 to explore and implode conventional ideas about gender, relationships and dance making, create perhaps the most entertaining, engaging and explicative dance theater on the planet.  With disarming ingenuity and whip-smart intelligence, they gently serve up – via song, dance and by simply talking to us – our most cherished and problematic ideas about contemporary performance, male-female relationships and creative collaboration, then graciously and hilariously debunk them.” – Camille LeFevre, Minn Post

About O(h)

Speaking directly to the audience while dancing and sometimes singing, casebolt and smith tear apart their process of making dances, offering honest insights into their limitations as a duet company and their fear of becoming unoriginal.  O(h) evolves from demonstrations of what they can, can’t and won’t do into intricate movement phrases layered with pop culture references.  They sing show tunes, rewrite iconic rock songs, borrow from famous choreographers, deploy brash humor and lightning-quick banter and toss in a dash of breakin’. The result is a fast-paced, complex and hilarious glimpse into the minds and pants of casebolt and smith. Running time 59 minutes

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The Gluck Fellows Program of the Arts at UC Riverside is made possible through the generosity of the Maxwell H. Gluck Foundation.

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