Cheung Wins Two Research Awards

Cecilia CheungUCR Psychology

Cecilia Cheung, an assistant professor of psychology, has been awarded the American Educational Research Association’s (AERA) Division E Distinguished Research Award (Human Development), and the Early Career Research Contributions Award from the Society for Research in Child Development.

The Distinguished Research Award was in recognition of Cheung’s paper, “The Role of Parents’ Control and Autonomy Support in the United States and China: Beyond Children’s Reports,” which was published in Child Development in 2016. The Early Career Research Contributions Award was in honor of her contributions to child development—specifically for her research linking the family and school environments to understanding the development of academic motivation and achievement among youth; comparing the ways parents become involved in children’s learning and educational experiences between the United States and China; and emphasizing the role of young people in creating their own environment of learning and development across cultures.

Cheung joined UCR in fall 2013. She received her doctorate in developmental psychology from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Jin Receives Ruth Allen Award

Hailing JinUCR Center For Plant Cell BIology

Hailing Jin, professor and Cy Mouradick Endowed Chair and director of the Genetics, Genomics and Bioinformatics Graduate Program, will receive the Ruth Allen Award from The American Phytopathological Society in August.

This prestigious award honors individuals who have made an outstanding, innovative research contribution that has changed, or has the potential to change, the direction of research in any field of plant pathology. Jin was selected to receive the award in recognition of her discovery of cross-kingdom RNA interference during plant-pathogen interaction and their potential use in RNA-based fungicides.  These research advances embody the spirit and intent of the Ruth Allen Award.

Recipients of the Ruth Allen Award receive a plaque and a cash prize derived from a fund established by the heirs of Dr. Allen.

Jin will receive the award at the Annual APS Meeting in San Antonio, Texas.


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