Professor Brings Superhero Science to Awesome-Con

Suveen Mathaudhu, assistant professor of materials science and engineering, helped put the ‘sci’ in sci-fi at Awesome-Con 2017, Washington D.C.’s comic con and annual celebration of all aspects of geek culture.

StarTalk Live! Panel (left to right) actor and comedian Scott Adsit; Ph.D. student Katherine Pratt; ISS commander Chris Hadfield; Professor Suveen Mathaudhu; and comedienne Maive Higgins.
courtesy of International Spy Museum

Mathaudhu was invited by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to represent real-world examples of NSF-funded science and talk about how this connects with the science behind superheroes and science fiction. He moderated a panel on “The Human-Technology Frontier: To Enhancement and Beyond?,” which showcased how human beings are increasingly connecting with technology, and participated as a materials science and engineering expert on a “Tech of Batman” panel.

For the first time this year, Awesome Con included Smithsonian Magazine’s Future Con event.

Mathaudhu was a guest on Future Con’s “StarTalk Live!,” a panel hosted by veteran astronaut and ISS commander Chris Hadfield that explored the future of engineering, the need for human exploration, and technological breakthroughs needed to get to Mars.

Mathaudhu, who joined the Bourns College in 2014, is supported by an Early Career Faculty Development Program (CAREER) grant from the NSF. He is an expert on the science of superheroes as depicted in comic books and their associated movies.

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