A team of UCR landscapers worked on a renovation project that transformed an arid space into a decorative, serene, xeriscape garden, located in front of the CHASS Interdisciplinary building (across from the Arts building).

The work began with about 30 volunteers on Highlander Day of Service this past April. Volunteers helped turn the soil and ripped away dry vegetation. A few weeks later — before UCR’s commencement ceremonies — UCR landscapers worked quickly to revitalize the area and welcome the thousands of visitors who come across campus for graduation ceremonies.

This renovation was one of three beautification projects on campus, said Toshio “Tos” Ishida, assistant director of Landscape and Refuse Service with Facilities Services.

Raymond Bolles, landscape supervisor, said it was important to complete the project before graduations in order to give visitors “a warm welcome with an esthetically pleasing garden.”

UCR Citrus Products for Sale on Campus

Some of the new UCR citrus products are now available on campus. Currently at the Scotty Store in the HUB are items within the Citrus Collection, including citrus olive oil, citrus vinegar, honey vinegar, and Parliament Citron Chocolate bars.

Several items are also available in the Market at Glenmor and the Barnes & Noble bookstore on campus.

The citrus for the products was sourced from UCR’s own Citrus Variety Collection, comprising more than four trees each of 1,000 different citrus varieties and citrus relatives growing on our campus. The collection dates back to 1910 as resource for the UC Citrus Experiment Station and continues to be a resource for teaching, research, development of new citrus cultivars, and a diversity of community outreach activities on our UCR campus.

Altogether more than 7,000 pounds of fruit from more than 60 different varieties, including a number of UCR developed cultivars, contributed to these products. Use of UCR’s citrus in these unique products allows people to “taste” UCR while enhancing the sustainability of the UCR Citrus Collection.

For more information regarding the Citrus Collection, visit citrusgifts.ucr.edu.

Several of UCR’s citrus products are for sale on campus stores. UC Riverside Residential Dining Services

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