UCR Researchers Invited by EPA to Help China Reduce Marine Emissions

Jiacheng (Joey) Yang presenting at the “U.S.-China Green Ports and Vessels Initiative Workshop”

Researchers from UCR’s College of Engineering-Center for Environmental Research & Technology (CE-CERT) joined more than 100 Chinese, American and European experts on emissions from ports and marine vessels at the “U.S.-China Green Ports and Vessels Initiative Workshop,” which was held in Tianjin, China.

The workshop was sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the China Ministry of Environment Protection (MEP), and the China Ministry of Transport (MOT). It aimed to strengthen China’s ability to reduce emissions from harbor crafts, fishing boats, and ocean-going vessels.

Kent Johnson, associate research engineer at CE-CERT, and Jiacheng (Joey) Yang, a graduate student in Johnson’s research group, were the only participants from a university in the United States. They were invited by the EPA because of CE-CERT’s experience in marine engine technology and measurements.

Johnson presented information on the pathways for future ocean-going vessels to meet much lower emissions using cleaner fuels and advanced engine design. Yang’s presentation was in Chinese and covered the best practices in measuring emissions from shipping vessels. One outcome from the meeting was that UCR may soon be leading workshops in Los Angeles for the Chinese and others on measuring emissions from ocean-going vessels.

Jiacheng (Joey) Yang, 5th from left.

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