UCR Extension Partners with Riverside County’s Department of Public Social Services to Extend a Helping Hand to Kids in Our Community

Building better foster families for children in need.

RIVERSIDE, Calif. — Riverside County is home to more than 4,000 children who are no longer living with their families because of neglect, abuse, or abandonment. In an effort to get these children into committed, nurturing, and permanent families, UCR Extension is partnering with Riverside County’s Department of Public Social Services to provide training to those interested in fostering a child in need.

UCR Extension partners with Riverside County’s Department of Public Social Services to provide training to prospective foster families through the Resource Family Approval (RFA) Program.

UCR Extension has long been a leader in early childhood education, so it was a natural fit to become part of the DPSS’s new streamlined “Resource Family Approval (RFA)” program. Dr. Guillermina Hernandez, an Early Childhood Education Specialist and Bilingual Program Coordinator, and her expert team at Extension Education, designed the new four-module training program delivered in English and Spanish, and offered in Riverside and Palm Desert.

The modules prepare foster families to provide a supportive environment for children who are not able to live with their birth parents. The RFA program simultaneously prepares them for their foster children to reunite with their families, or for the possibility of making a lifelong commitment through adoption or legal guardianship.

Since foster children often come from troubled homes without boundaries, emotional support, care, discipline, or healthy relationships, the RFA program gives families the tools to deal with and manage trauma, grief, loss, stress, attachment, maltreatment, developmental problems, positive discipline, behavioral problems, and guides parents on setting gentle and appropriate limits.  It also provides certified training in CPR.

Fostering a child can make a lifelong difference to not only the child, but also to our community. Foster parents help children reach a fuller potential, and this guidance leads them to becoming responsible future citizens. Every child deserves to be part of a safe, loving, and stable family, and giving a home and positive life experience to a child in crisis comes with endless rewards.

The RFA trainings meet at the UCR Extension Center or at the UCR Palm Desert Center, and are conveniently scheduled on weekends.  To learn more about this program, call (951) 827-2650 or email ghernandez@ucx.ucr.edu, or visit the Children’s Services Division at http://dpss.co.riverside.ca.us.

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