IT Solutions: A New Way to Serve UCR’s Technology Needs

The former Computing and Communications (C&C) Department has a new name and mission

UC Riverside’s Computing and Communications (C&C) department has been renamed to Information Technology Solutions (ITS). ucr

For UC Riverside’s Information Technology Solutions (ITS) – formerly known as the Computing and Communications (C&C) department – a name change comes with great responsibility.

“Our new mission to enable customer (campus) success is simple, yet carries a huge responsibility,” said Danna Gianforte, chief information officer and associate vice chancellor of the department.

For Gianforte, success is measured by ensuring technology is used effectively on campus, which is a daily priority for all ITS staff members. It is achieved by listening to customers’ needs and understanding their expectations, she added.

The rebranding of the department’s name, mission, and strategy took place over the summer and came with the need to restructure the 140-employee organization in order to efficiently and effectively deliver industry-forward services to faculty, staff, and students, Gianforte said.

ITS manages the core portion of the campus technology infrastructure, which includes the wireless and wired network operations, datacenters, information security, the use of technology in instruction, and enterprise software solutions to streamline day-to-day business needs.

“Our goal is to be a collaborative, transparent team of individuals committed to helping the campus achieve its mission of teaching, learning, research and public service,” Gianforte said.

This collaborative working environment sparked the need to review and refine the purpose of the organization, opening the door for ITS’ new five-tiered strategy: accountability, ingenuity, scalability, simplicity, and diversity.

Additionally, in an effort to foster cooperative relationships across campus, Gianforte has launched the Campus IT Leaders (CITL) group, which will gather technology leaders from across campus on a monthly basis to share strategy and project status updates from ITS, discuss opportunities for technology efficiencies and improvements, share best practices, and increase overall collaboration.

“I want to hear about what campus departments are doing to support their division or school, and how they are doing it. We’re all in this together,” Gianforte said.

To reach the all new Information Technology Solutions division, all faculty, staff, and students can utilize the organization’s new contact information of (951) 827-IT4U (4848) or (previous contact methods will continue to work).

If you have a suggestion or consideration for Gianforte directly, she is available via email at

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