Do You Receive a Paper Paycheck?

The campaign is currently in place to alert approximately 1,700 UCR employees about the changes that will impact how they receive their paycheck

The FOM|UCPath project has launched a “Paper Paycheck Campaign.” UCR

UC Riverside is rolling out a “Paper Paycheck Campaign” to inform about 1,700 UCR employees who pick up their checks at central payroll or department offices that the option to do so will no longer be available.

The campaign is part of UCR’s Future Operating Model (FOM), a division affiliated with the systemwide UCPath initiative launching soon at several pilot campuses, including UCR. UCPath focuses on streamlining human resources, academic personnel, benefits, and payroll processes.

Students, staff, and faculty who currently receive paper checks will need to sign into their At Your Service Online (AYSO) account to modify this option. These employees can either opt for direct deposit or have their checks mailed to their home address. Mailed checks will be sent out on payday, but may take an additional two to three days to be delivered by the U.S. Postal Service.

Deadline to sign up for direct deposit:

  • Biweekly employees: Nov. 10
  • Monthly employees: Nov. 8

UC has created the UCPath Center, located in Riverside, to coordinate these changes, which have been in the works for several years. They include replacing the nearly 40-year-old Payroll & Personnel System (PPS) with a single PeopleSoft implementation called the UCPath system. The UCPath Center will eventually serve employees across the 10 UC campuses, five medical centers, and other university facilities.

FOM|UCPath has communicated “Paper Paycheck Campaign” information via letters, notices, as well as through its website. Information has also been made available in Spanish, said Puja Pathak Pannu, UCPath communication lead.

For more information, visit the FOM website:


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