IMPORTANT: New System Launching to Access Paychecks and More

FOM|UCPath is hosting an informational event on Dec. 5 at HUB 302

Faculty, staff, and student employees are encouraged to attend an information session on December 5, 2017.

The deployment of a new system, designed to streamline human resources, academic personnel, benefits, and payroll processes, is scheduled to begin early December.

This new system, called UCPath, is a UC-wide project that involves several pilot campuses, including UC Riverside. This transition will continue throughout December and will result in the delivery of the initial UCPath monthly and biweekly paychecks in early January 2018. UCR faculty, staff, and student employees should be aware of upcoming key dates and required actions associated with the UCPath implementation.

The official launch of the system is scheduled for Jan. 2, 2018.

In the meantime, an informational event has been set for Tuesday, Dec. 5, from noon to 1:30 p.m. at HUB 302. To RSVP:

UCPath is headquartered in Riverside and UCR has also taken the lead to modify its own system, calling it Future Operating Model (FOM), a division affiliated with the systemwide UCPath initiative. Together they are FOM|UCPath.

UCPath will eventually serve employees across the 10 UC campuses, five medical centers, and other university facilities.

Key dates for all employees:

  • Dec. 5: At Your Service Online (AYSO) blocked for transactional activity: After this date, AYSO will be blocked for transactions such as personal address changes, beneficiary changes, tax withholding changes, etc.  However, AYSO will continue to be available throughout the month of December for read-only activities such as viewing earning statements. For more information on AYSO and the UCPath portal, click here.
  • Jan. 2: UCPath Portal and Employee Self-Service (ESS) available to campus: The UCPath Portal and ESS will be available to all campus employees on this date. The UCPath portal is the gateway into UCPath for all employees. The UCPath ESS replaces many of AYSO’s functions, such as viewing earning statements, viewing and updating W-2s, and more.

Key dates for departments/organizational units:

  • Dec. 5: Last day for monthly employee PPS data entry: Following this date, changes for monthly employees will be unavailable within PPS. Campus departments will be able to begin entering transactions for monthly employees into ServiceLink on Dec. 18.
  • Dec. 18: ServiceLink UCPath functionality deployed for monthly employees: On this date, new forms and workflows for all UCPath functionality will be deployed within ServiceLink, UCR’s new service request tool, and transactions can be entered for monthly employees on this date.
  • Dec. 20: Last day for biweekly employee PPS data entry: Following this date, changes for biweekly employees will be unavailable within PPS. Campus departments will be able to begin entering transactions for biweekly employees into ServiceLink on Jan. 2.


  • Q. Will employees who currently have direct deposit have their direct deposit information transferred over to UCPath automatically? 
  • A. Yes. If you have already signed up for direct deposit, there is no further action for you to take. When UCPath goes live, your direct deposit information will transfer to UCPath. At that time, you will also have the option to add two additional banks for direct deposit for a total of three accounts.
  • Q. What is going to happen to AYSO? 
  • A.  We will be moving to UCPath Portal for most activities, however AYSO will still be the place to go for beneficiary designations, W2s (before 2018) and retirement benefit questions. For more information, click here.
  • Q. Can I print my pay stub when AYSO is view only? 
  • A.  Yes. You can view and print your pay stub.
  • Q. Who are we supposed to contact for any issues (e.g. paycheck, portal)?
  • A.  Contact your supervisor/department support personnel, your unit’s Shared Service Center, or the UCR Payroll office.

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