Paychecks and portals will be transitioning to UCPath over break.

A new year and a new system are just days away. Make sure you’re familiar with the new look and functionality of the 2018 paychecks, and the new portal system, rolling out in the coming weeks.


Your paycheck will look different (see the UCPath Bi-Weekly Paycheck sample and timeline matrix). These differences include changes that typically occur at the beginning of each year and changes that will occur as a result of the UCPath implementation.

Some key changes include:

-New employee ID numbers, which appear on the UCPath paycheck and in the UCPath portal.

-Paycheck statements will now be available in the UCPath portal two days before pay day.

-Vacation and sick leave balances will now be shown in the UCPath portal rather than on paychecks. Employees can view their leave balances in the portal.


Where to go: new UCPath online portal at

-At Your Service Online will be view only for the services moving to the new UCPath Portal. To see the changes of AYSO and the Portal, click here.

-Employees and managers have different functionalities in their portals. Explore these quick tutorials for employees and for managers.

-Now you can update your personal information quickly and easily, plus view your paychecks, leave balances and benefit elections.

Download the portal handout: 

Learn more about UCPath at

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