UCPath is here!

Monthly pay statements, leave balances, personal information and more are available in the UCPath portal

Your Paycheck

All employees who received a Jan. 2 or Jan.10 paycheck should now be able to view their paycheck earnings statement in the new UCPath portal. Please review this Paycheck Differences Handout to assist you in determining if your paycheck is correct. As a reminder, your direct deposit will arrive in your account on UCOP established payroll dates. Please ensure that any automatic bill payments that you setup with your financial institutions align with the UCOP payroll dates.

UCPath Portal

Monthly pay statements, leave balances, personal information and more are available in the UCPath portal: https://ucpath.universityofcalifornia.edu. If you need more information, please download this New Portal with UCPath handout or watch a short tutorial here. At Your Service Online (AYSO) is now primarily view-only for functions that are moving to UCPath. You will still access AYSO to manage beneficiaries, estimate retirement earnings, view retiree pay statements and 1099R statements, and access W-2s and earnings statements for 2017 and earlier. Click here to see the differences.

We’re here to Support You!

The UCR project team is currently fully dedicated to providing enhanced (Hypercare) support to address any and all UCPath issues. Hypercare support will be available for as long as needed. Nearly all of the FOM|UCPath project team is on standby to resolve questions and issues as efficiently as possible. Employees should continue to reach out to their regular support contacts, such as a supervisor, Human Resources/Academic Personnel staff, or relevant Shared Services Center. These local support contacts will then escalate issues to the appropriate UCPath Hypercare Support Team if needed (e.g., payroll transactions, local systems & processes, data corrections, and IT). So far we have logged 288 issues and resolved or closed over 210..

Upcoming Priorities

Converting PPS data into UCPath and completing the first payroll cycles is just the first critical stage in UCPath deployment. The UCR project team continues to focus on ensuring the campus is successful in all elements of the transition to UCPath. Next week’s update will include information about upcoming priorities, including data availability & reporting, general ledger functionality, and other areas. We appreciate your support  as we continue to move forward in this transition to UCPath.

To find more information about the UCPath project, please visit the following UCPath websites:  ucpathproject.ucop.edu or fomucpath.ucr.edu or, for faculty, ucrpath.ucr.edu

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