Systemwide Employee Survey Results Revealed at Forum

About 150 of employees were present for the event that included a panel and roundtable discussion

Charles Scruggs, Health Professions Advising Center director and advisor, asks a question during the forum on January 12, 2018. UCR

More than 70 percent of UC Riverside employees feel supported by their supervisor when it comes to making time to participate in training and development activities. And 63 percent feel their personal contributions are recognized.

That was part of the information disclosed during the Jan. 12 UC Staff Engagement Survey results forum at the HUB where participants had the opportunity to ask questions and suggest ideas for improvements.

This pulse survey was conducted at the UC level, registering a total of 10,539 participants. The survey, conducted in 2017, was developed five years ago by the Council of University of California Staff Assemblies (CUCSA) in collaboration with the employee relations division of UC’s Systemwide Human Resources department and Willis Towers Watson, a national firm specializing in workforce opinion survey research.

Union-represented employees did not participate in the survey because UC receives their feedback through union representatives during the collective bargaining process.

“Don’t think of it as a report card…a report card simply records what you did,” said Chancellor Kim A. Wilcox to the nearly 150 attendees. “This is advice about the future.”

Wilcox also said he was pleased with the results because they show “we’re committed to each other. Employees rated supervisors high… people are happy with the amount of inclusion,” he said.

A summary of the results can be viewed by downloading the PDF here. A similar survey was conducted in 2012 and 2015. The latest results include UC-wide comparisons. Survey questions were not administered based on an employee’s college or job titles in order to give participants greater freedom – and confidence – to respond with honesty.

Forum attendees provided input in areas such as in communication and managing organizational change.

Suggestions for improving communication included:

  • Ensuring each department has access to other employees performing similar job duties across campus in order to directly communicate regarding changes that will impact their jobs.
  • Supervisors and manager should have an all-hands meeting at least once a month to check-in with their staff and provide updates.

Suggestions for managing organizational change included:

  • Change should be prioritized and managed better.
  • While employees understand why changes are needed, more explanation should be given as to why a particular change is being implemented.

Recommendations to improve work-life balance included:

  • Be proactive about how change will impact your work.
  • Volunteer to be part of the solution.
  • Participate in professional development programs such as the Organizational Excellence certificate programs.
  • Build communication structures within your office; read your emails and Daily Digest; participate in campuswide forums.

Survey results were broken down further by panelists: Robert Wolfer, former UCR Staff Assembly president; Kimberly Villanueva, Organizational Excellence planning committee; Alex Najera, Employee and Labor Relations interim director; Julie Salgado, current UCR Staff Assembly president; and Jadie Lee, associate vice chancellor of Human Resources. The discussion and question-and-answer session was moderated by Ross French, Staff Assembly vice president.

Roundtable discussion comments will be compiled and presented to campus leadership, according to Lee.

“Nothing will change unless we as a community, as UCR, decide to make that change,” said Wolfer. “Nothing is going to change unless we, as individuals, decide to participate and make the change.”

Employees who want to submit comments can do so via: The employee may include an email address in order receive an answer to the question or comment.

Nearly 150 employees attended the UC Staff Engagement Survey results forum on January 12, 2017. ucr

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