WRITERS RESIST: Louder Together for Free Expression


Hear faculty, graduate, and undergraduate writers read works of resistance, as part of the national Writers Resist movement. This is a major literary protest and show of strength that began just before the January 2017 Presidential inauguration to signal that all eyes, ears, and pens are trained on Washington.


If You Go:

  • When: Thursday, Jan. 25
  • Time: 5-7 P.M.
  • Where: CHASS Interdisciplinary, South – Round Room, INTS 1111
  • More Information:  (951) 827-3245  performingarts@ucr.edu
  • Free and open to the campus

Protect yourself from tax scams

UC does not send actual W-2 statements by email or text

Tax season is coming and scammers soon will be sending fraudulent emails that look like legitimate tax communications. The IRS estimates that identity thieves have stolen more than $11 billion through tax fraud since 2012.

You can protect yourself from becoming another victim by being cautious. Be on alert for the following:

  • Any message asking for W-2 or other tax information.
  • Authentic-looking emails impersonating UC communications that offer access to your W-2 or other tax information via an attachment or hyperlink.
  • Messages that look like they are from executive management requesting copies of employee W-2s for review purposes. See the IRS alert from last year about this scam.
  • Any messages that encourage you to click on links, ask for passwords or other private or confidential information.
  • Unexpected phone calls about such messages, including ones that ask you to install software.

Please visit the At Your Service Online (AYSO) portal to obtain W-2 statements from 2017 and prior @ https://atyourserviceonline.ucop.edu.

But don’t stop there. Here are eight important cybersecurity habits to help protect your information, your family and your work, and reduce your risk of getting scammed.


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