KUCR to Commemorate 45th Broadcast Anniversary, Participate in National College Radio Day

Station celebrates milestone, joins with over 300 other stations to sing the praises of college radio

Logo for 2011 College Radio Day

College Radio Day will raise awareness of the variety of university and college-based stations in North America.

RIVERSIDE, CA. (www.ucr.edu) – On Tuesday October 11th, KUCR 88.3 FM will join with over 310 other college radio stations from across the United States, Canada and Jamaica as it participates in the inaugural College Radio Day. In addition, throughout the week the station will be celebrating the 45th anniversary of its first broadcast.

KUCR will be running 45th Anniversary announcements throughout the week of October 10th. A special College Radio Day themed program, extolling the virtue, importance and relevance of college radio, will air on the station between 3 and 5 p.m. on October 11th.

College Radio Day is the brainchild of Rob Quicke, general manager of WPSC-FM at William Paterson University and Peter Kreten, general manager of WXAF-FM at Saint Xavier University. The mission “is to harness the combined listenership of hundreds of thousands of college radio listeners throughout North America and to celebrate the important contribution of college radio to America’s airwaves by uniting for this one day.”

KUCR plays a diverse format of musical styles, including indie rock, jazz, classical, progressive hip-hop and more, along with a variety of public affairs, 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year. Students create, organize, host and engineer their own original on-air programs. The station is one of the most honored in the UC system with two Golden Microphone awards among its accolades. It is part of the Division of Student Affairs and is funded through student fees.

“KUCR is college radio in its finest tradition, so we welcome this special day to recognize the unique broadcasting we do,” KUCR Director and General Manager Louis Vandenberg said, explaining that college radio helped bring acts like REM, U2, Beck and Nirvana to national prominence and that hip-hop got its start on east coast college radio. “Exposing new artists, which is one of the things college radio does, keeps American arts fresh and vibrant.”

”Bands are often heard for the first time on college radio, with some going on to great success and fame,” said longtime KUCR staffer and UCR alum Tina Bold. “My show, Vinyl Hours Radio, has brought over 250 national and local acts to the public through interviews and live performances. That’s just one of the reasons why KUCR is a true alternative voice for the people.”

“The station is very unique. It was conceived as a means for student creativity, expression and experience, in which students develop their talent and aptitude in communication, organization and media production by doing,” Vandenberg said. “Its programming mission is not to replicate the mainstream, but to provide original musical, cultural and public affairs content not available elsewhere.”

KUCR was conceived by UCR students and was championed by then-Chancellor Ivan Hinderaker as a student-centered entity, a vision which survives to this day. In his memoirs, Hinderaker cited the creation of KUCR among his top four accomplishments as chancellor. The station made its inaugural broadcast on October 2nd, 1966.

The station recently hired an archivist who began the process of cataloging over 120 boxes of visual and audio archival materials collected by William Elledge, one of the station’s student founders and its longtime chief engineer. Audio from the collection, including clips of interviews with Angela Davis, Ronald Reagan, Duke Ellington, Janis Joplin and Allen Ginsburg, will be played throughout the week.

Media note: In addition to Vandenberg, current DJs are available for comment.

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